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Matters Relating To Examinations
010103Examination Centre
010200Matters Relating To Syllabi
010300Matters Relating To With-Holding/Cancellation of Result, Evaluation/Re-Evaluation of Marks, Expulsion of Students
010400Matters Relating To Tuition Fees
010500Migration Matters
Admission/Transfer To Engineering And Medical Colleges
010701Medical Admission Matters
010702Engineering Admission Matters
010800Admission To Educational Institutions Other Than Medical & Engineering
Establishment And Recognition of Educational Institutions
010901Grant In Aid
010902Constitution of Managing Committee/Governing Body
020000Admirality And Maritime Laws
Appeal Against Orders of Statutory Bodies
030100Bar Council of India
030200Chartered Accountant's Act
Appointments Etc., of Constitutional Functionaries
040100Appointment of High Court Judges
040200Appointment of Members, Chairman & Vice-Chairman Of C.A.T., S.A.T.
040300Appointment of Advocate General Or Any Other Law Officer
040400Appointment of Members Of Election Commissions
040500Appointment of Members And Chairman Of State Public Service Commission
040600Appointment of Governor
050000Arbitration Matter
Company Law, Mrtp & Allied Matters
060100Matters Relating To Winding Up
060200Matters Relating To Sick Industries
060300Matters Relating To Amalgamation
060400Matters Arising Out of Orders of Company Law Board Under Section 397 & 398 of Companies Act,1956
060500Matters Relating To Shares And Debentures
060600Management Disputes of The Companies
060700Matters Relating To Meeting of Board Of Directors/Share Holders of The Companies
060800Sebi Act Matters
Compensation Matter
070100Motor Accident Claim Matters Involving Permanent Disability/Death of Persons
070200Motor Accident Claim Matters Relating To Other Injuries
070300Insurer/Owners Liability Matters
070400Matters Relating To Railway Accident Including Other Railway Compensation Matters
070500Matters Relating To Accidents Other Than Those Covered By M.V.Act.
070600Matters Relating To Telephone, Electricity,Water Etc.
070700Matters Relating To Accidental Deaths Under Mistaken Identity By The Police
Contempt of Court Matters
080100Suo Moto Civil Contempt Matters
080200Suo Moto Criminal Contempt Matters
080300Other Civil Contempt Matters
080400Other Criminal Contempt Matters
Criminal Matters
090100Capital Punishment
090200Life Sentence
090300Maintenance Under Section 125 Of CR.P.C.
090400Harassment, Cruelty To Woman For Dowry, Dowry Death, Eve-Teasing Etc.
090500Sexual Harassment, Kidnapping & Abduction.
090600Prevention Of Corruption Act.
090700Bank Scams, Cheating, Forgery Etc.
090800Essential Commodities Act.
Criminal Matters Relating To Excise Law
090901Bihar & Orissa Excise At
090902Orissa (Mohua Flower) Rules ,1974
091000Criminal Matters Relating To Bail/Interim Bail/Anticipatory Bail/Parole
091100Criminal Matters In Which Sentence Awarded Is Up to Five Years.
091200Transfer of Criminal Cases U/S 407 Of The CR.P.C.
091300Criminal Matters Arising Out of Securities Act,1992
091400Criminal Matters Relating To Drugs And Cosmetics
091500NDPS Act.
091600Criminal Matters Relating To Food Adulteration
091700Criminal Matters Relating To Preventive Detention, Cofeposa, National Security Act
091800Matters Relating To Sc & St(Prevention Of Atrocities) Act, 1989, Untouchability (Offences) Amendment & Misc. Provision Act, 1976., Prevention Of Civil Rights Act 1955.
091900Criminal Matters In Which Sentence Awarded Is More Than 5 Years
092000Any Other Offence Under I.P.C.
092100Any Other Matter Under Cr.P.C.
092200Juvenile Justices Act.
092300Negotiable Instruments Act
092400Arms Act
092500Smuggling And Tax Evasion Act.
092600Court Martial Act.
092700Cow Slaughter Act.
092800Gambling Act.
092900Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act 1956.
093000Weights & Measures Act
Direct Taxes Matters
100100Income Tax Reference Under Section 257
100200Income Tax Act, 1922
100300Cases Relating To Excess Profit Tax Act 1940
100400Business Profit Tax Act 1947
100500Income Tax Act 1961
100600Reference Under Section 27(3)(A) Of The Wealth Tax Act,1957
100700Gift Tax Act,1958
100800Property Tax
101000Capital Gains
Election Matters
110100Gram Panchayats And Zila Parishad And Election Matters Other Than MLAS/MPS.
110200Matters Under Representation Of People's Act Involving Corrupt Practices.
110300Matters Relating To Re-Counting Of Votes
110400Matters Under The Co.Operative Societies Act.
110500University Election Matters
110600Delimitation Of Constituency
120000Eviction Under The Public Premises (Eviction) Act
Family Law Matter
130100Mutual Consent Divorce Matters
130200Divorce Under Christian Marriage Act
130300Other Divorce Matters/Judicial Separation
130400Restitution Of Conjugal Rights
130500Child Custody Matters
130600Adoption & Maintenance Matters
130700Minority & Guardianship Matters
130800Matters Under Hindu Marriage Act
130900Matters Under Muslim Marriage Act
131000Matters Under Christian Marriage Act
Forest Laws
140100Orissa Forest Act 1972
140200Orissa Saw Pits And Saw Mills (Control) Rules 1980
140300Orissa Timber & Other Forest Produce Transit Rules 1980
140400Wild Life Protection Act 1972
Habeas Corpus Matters
150100Detention Laws
150200Private Detention
House Rent Matters
160100Eviction Matters of Personal Necessity
160200Eviction Matters For Re-Building And Material Alteration
160300Orissa Timber & Other Forest Produce Transit Rules 1980
160400Eviction Matters of Disclaimer Of Title
160500Arrears of Rent
160600Change of User
160700Enhancement of Rent
Indirect Taxes Matters
170100Reference Under Section 130 Of The Customs Act,1962
170200Central Excise & Salt Act, 1944
170300Customs Act 1956 & 1972
Sales Tax Act (Central & Various States)
170401Cancellation of Registration Certificate
170402Issue Of Declaration Forms
170403Stay Matter Pending Appeal/Reference
170404Tax Appeal Under Orissa Value Added Tax Act
170500Cess Acts (Rubber,Coffee,Tea,Sugar Etc.)
170600Entry Taxes
170700Motor Vehicles Taxation
170800Purchase Tax
170900Licence Fee
171000Gold Control Act
171100Entertainment Tax
171200Terminal Tax
171500Sewage Tax
171600Professional Tax
171700Trade Tax
Labour Matters
180300Contract Labour
180400Dadan Labour
180500Child Labour Including Negelected Children
180600Bonded Labour Matters.
180700Wages, Bonus, Ad-Hoc, Casual, Daily Wages & Their Regularisation.
180800Workmen Compensation Act
181000Factory Act
181100Conditions Of Service & Industrial Employment (Standing Order Act,1946)
181200Employees Provident Fund & Miscallaneous Provision Act,1952
181300Trade Union Act
181400Industrial Disputes Act
181500Management Disputes Matters
181600Award of Industrial Tribunal/Labour Court
181700Payment of Gratuity Act
181800Payment of Bonus Act.
Land Acquisition & Requisition Matters
190100Matters Challenging The Acquisition Proceedings
190200Matters Challenging Compensations
190300Solatium Matters
190400Requisition & Derequisition Of Property
Land Laws And Agricultural Tenancies
200100Sale/Transfer of Land By SC/ST
200200Agricultural Land Ceiling
200300Urban Land Ceiling
200400Pre-Emption Matters
200500Orissa Consolidation Of Holding And Prevention Of Fragmentation Of Land Act.
200600Agricultural Tenancy Act.
200700Orissa Estate Abolition Act 1951
200800Orissa Land Reforms Act.1960
200900Orissa Survey Settlement Act 1958
201000Orissa Irrigation Act 1959
201100Orissa Prevention Of Land Encroachment Act
201200Regulation II
201300Orissa Govt. Land Settlement Act
Letter Petition & Pil Matter
210100Air Pollution Matters, I.E., Industrial, Vehicular, Power Stations Etc.
210200Water Pollution : Industrial, Domestic, Sewage, Rivers And Sea.
210300Noise Pollution : Industrial, Vehicular.
210400Ecological Imbalance: Protection And Conservation Of Forests,Protection Of Wild Life, Ban On Felling Of Trees And Falling Of Under Ground Water Level.
210500Custody Harassment, Jails, Complaint Of Harassment, Death In Jail, Speedy Trial, Premature Release Etc.
210600Harassment/Abuse Of SC/ST/Women/Children.
210700Unauthorised Constructions Including Encroachments.
210800Election Commissions.
210900Scam Matters.
211000Riot Victims Matters.
220000Matters Relating To Armed Forces & Para Military Forces
230000Matters Relating To Commissions of Enquiry
240000Matters Relating To Consumer Protection
250000Matters To Be Specially Directed By Hon'ble The CJ
Mercantile Laws, Commercial Transactions Including Banking
260200Sale of Goods Act
260300Contract Act
260400Trade Marks/Copy Rights/Patents/Design Act.
260500Negotiable Instruments Act
260600Banks Mortgage Disputes
260700Hypothetication, Pledge
260800Recovery of Loan.
260900Recovery of Debts Due To Banks And Financial Institutions Act, 1993.
261000Bank Loans, Bank Guarantees Matters.
261100R.B.I. Guidelines Matters.
261200Matters Relating To Financial Institutions.
261300Orissa Shops & Commercial Establishments Act 1956
261400Orissa Debt Relief Act
270000Mines, Minerals And Mining Leases
Ordinary Civil Matter
280100Civil Matters Arising Out of Securities Act, 1992
280200Specific Performance of Contract
280300Allotment, Cancellation, Fixation of Prices of Plots/Flats
280400Suit For Declaration.
Title/Damages/Recovery Etc.
280500Matters Pertaining To Sale Deed.
280600Leasing Out of Land
280700Ban On Lottery System.
280800Regarding Visa.
280900Permit/Change of Route Under Motor Vehicle Act.
281000Freedom Fighters Pension Matter.
281100Confiscation of Property/Forfeiture Of Property/Allotment Of Property.
281200Transfer of Property Act.
281300Orissa Town Planning & Improvement Trust Act, 1956
281400Orissa Ayurvedic Medicine Act
281500Orissa Homeopathic Medicine Validation Act
281600Orissa Escheat Act
281700Orissa Cooperative Society Act
281800Orissa Public Demands Recovery Act
281900Court Fee Act
Settlement of Rights
282003Sand Quarry
282005Stone Quarry
282006Ferry Ghats
282007Appeal / Revision Order Relating To Settlement
282008Matters Relating To Leases, Govt. Contracts & Contracts By Local Bodies
282009State Excise-Trading In Liquor-Privileges,Licences Distilleries Breweries
Personal Law Matters
290100Inheritance & Succession
290400Testamentary Succession
290500Conversion From One Religion To Another Religion.
290600Uniform Civil Code.
290700Customary Law.
290800Family Arrangement & Settlement.
Religious & Charitable Endowments
300100Management, Administrative Disputes of Temples Etc.(Priest, Pujari, Mahant)
300200Wakf Board Matters.
300300The Puri Sri Jagannath Temple (Admn.) Act 1952
300400The Sri Jagannath Temple Act 1955
300500Orissa Hindu Religious Endowments Acts.
Service Matters
310100Retiral Benefits
310200Regularisation of Ad-Hoc Employees Etc.
310300Removal/Dismissal/Termination/Retrenchment From Service
310500Compulsory Retirement
310600Disciplinary Proceedings
Condition of Service
310704Increments/Withholding of Increments
310705Appointment On Compassionate Grounds
310706Allotment of Quarters In Service
310707Amendment of The Recruitment Rules
310709Allowances (L.T.C.Etc.)
310710Efficiency Bar
310713Continuity In Service
310714Medical Reimbursement
310715Voluntary Retirement
310716Temporary Post To Be Allowed As Permanent Post After Certain Period of Service,I.E,3 Years Or 5 Years.
310717Stepping Up of Pay
311000Pay Scales
311100Salary/Arrear Salary
311200Writ Application Against Cat
311300Writ Application Against Sat
Reservation In Service
311401For SC
311402For ST
311403For OBC/SEBC
311404For Women
311405For Physically Handicapped Persons
311500Equal Pay For Equal Work
312000Family Pension/ Temporary Increase
Simple Money & Mortgage Matters Etc.
320100Money Lending Act
320200Mortgage Private
320300Chit Fund Matters
Statutory Appointments
330100Appointment of Chairman, Vice-Chairman & Members of Statutory Corporations/Bodies
330200Appointment In Zila Parishad
330300Appointment of Vice-Chancellors of Universities
990000Other Than The Above Matters
List of Nomenclature
Nature of ProceedingAbbrev. Used Before July, 2002Abbreviation Used Since July,2002
(A) Civil Proceedings
(I) Ordinary Proceedings (Subordinate Courts And High Courts(Appellate Side))
1Civil SuitOSCS
2First Appeal :-
(a) First Appeal from Judgment and Decree in Suit.FARFA
(b) Cross Objections in First AppealCO
(c) First Appeal From Orders.FAO
3Second Appeals :-
(a) Second Appeal from Judgment and Decree.SARSA
(b) Appeal from Appellate Order.SAO
4Letters Patent Appeal or Special Appeal before Division Bench against judgment or order of Single Judge in appeal or original civil proceeding.AHOLPA/SPA
5Revision PetitionCVREVCRP
6Review PetitionCVRVWRVWPET
8Execution PetitionECEXP
9Execution First AppealEXFA
10Execution Second AppealEXSA
11Interlocutory Applications in pending suits/appeals.IA
12Miscellaneous Applications e.g., leave to sue as indigent person, restoration application condonation of delay, etc.MJCCMAPL
(II) Other Civil Proceedings
1Writ petition under Articles 226 and 227 of the Constitution.OJCWP(C)
2Appeal before Division Bench against judgment or order of Single Judge in a writ petition.AHOWA
3Petition for leave to appeal to Supreme Court.SCASCLP
4Proceedings under Companies Act.
a) Original PetitionCMPATCOPET
b) Application in pending proceeding.CMPACOAPL
c) Matters transferred under Section 446(3)CMPMCCOCAS
d) Appeal against judgments/orders in Company Petitions.COA
5Proceedings under Banking Regulation Act.OJCBKGP
6Matrimonial Cases.
a) Suits/Petitions.MATCAS
b) ReferencesMREFMATREF
c) Appeals ( Civil Appeals )CVAMATA
d) Appeals ( Govt. Appeals)GAGCRLA
e) Revisions under Section 19 of the Family Courts Act.CVARPFAM
7Testamentary and Intestate Cases.
a) Testamentary cases, e.g. Probate or Letters of Administration etc.OJCTEST
b) Intestate cases, e.g., Succession Certificates etc.INTEST
8Petitions under Guardianship and Wards ActGUAP
9Land Acquisition ActOJCLAREF
a) ReferenceFALAA
b) AppealsINTEST
10Rent Control Matters
a) Original Suit/Petition.OSRCC
b) First AppealRCFA
c) Second AppealRCSA
d) Revision.RCREV
11a) Motor Accident ClaimsOJCMAC
b) Motor Accident AppealsMACA
12a) Election PetitionsELPET
b) Appeals from Judgments in Election Petition.ELA
13Proceedings under Insolvency Act :
a) Main PetitionOJCIP(M)
b) Applications submitted after adjudication.OJCIPAPL
14a) Petitions under Indian Arbitration Act.MJCARBP
b) Appeals under Indian Arbitration Act.MJCARBA
15a) Reference under Insurance Act.OJCINSREF
b) Appeals under Insurance Act.OJCINSA
16Contempt of Court cases relating to Civil contempt.CONTC
17Appeals against orders in Civil Contempt matters.CONTAC
18First Appeal against judgments in Special jurisdiction cases.AHOMFA (Act name)
19Second Appeal from Judgments in miscellaneous cases.MAMSA
20Special jurisdiction cases assigned to High Courts e.g. Trust Act, Lunancy Act, Trade & Merchandise Act, Trade Marks Act, Copyrights Act, Patents Act and other enactments.SJCSPJC(Act name)
(III) Taxation Matters
1Income Tax Act
(a) Reference under Section 256(1)TAITR
(b) Application under Section 256(1)TAITA
2Gift Tax Act/Wealth Tax Act/Estate Duty Act.
(a) Reference to High CourtSJCGTR/WTR/EDR
(b) Application for direction to make a referenceSJCGTA/WTA/EDA
3(a) Reference under Customs ActOJCCUSREF
(b) Reference under Central Excise Act.OJCCEREF
4Sales Tax Act.
(a) ReferenceOJCSTREF
(b) Application for direction to make a referenceSJCSTAPL
(c) RevisionTREVSTREV
5Other Tax References" CasesOTR
6Other Tax CasesOTC
7Other Tax ApplicationsOTAPL
8Tax Appeal under OVAT ActOVTA
(IV) Civil Original Jurisdiction Of The High Courts
1Civil suitsOSCS(OS)
2First appeal from judgments in Original suitsFA(OS)
3Execution ApplicationEXOS
4Miscellaneous Summons e.g., Summons for Judgment, Chambers Summons.MSREF(SJ,CS, so on)
5Notice of MotionNM
6Admiralty SuitsASADMLS
(B) Criminal Proceedings
1Original TrialCRLTR
2Appeal against judgment/sentenceCRACRLA
3Confirmation case under Section 336 Cr. P.C.DREFDSREF
6Application under Section 482 Cr. P.C.CRMCCRLMC
7Bail ApplicationCRMCBLAPL
8Other Miscellaneous ApplicationCRLMA
9Petition under Article 226 for Writ of Habeas Curpus and other relief in relief in relation to a criminal proceeding.OJCWPCRL
10Proceedings relating to Criminal contempt.OCRMCCONTR
11Appeals against orders in Criminal contempt matters.CONTAR
12Application for leave to appeal under Section 378 Cr. P.C. or under the relevant corresponding proceedings.CRMCCRLLP
13Transfer Petition for transfer a criminal proceeding.CRMCTRPCRL
14Jail Criminal AppealJCRAJCRLA