Orissa Highcourt Rules

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CHAPTER I Place of sitting of the High Court of Orissa PDF Icon 3.95 KB
CHAPTER II Rules for the Disposal of Non-Judicial Business PDF Icon 75.49 KB
CHAPTER III Jurisdiction of Single Judges and Benches of the High Court PDF Icon 26.1 KB
CHAPTER IV Reference to the Full Bench PDF Icon 7.81 KB
CHAPTER V Powers of the Registrar, Deputy Registrar and other Officers of the Court PDF Icon 19.39 KB
PART-II (Procedure and Practice)
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CHAPTER VI General Rules regarding Applications and Affidavits PDF Icon 101.49 KB
CHAPTER VII Appointment of Guardians and Substitution of Legal Representatives PDF Icon 13.1 KB
CHAPTER VIII Procedure Before Admission PDF Icon 157.65 KB
CHAPTER IX Procedure After Admission PDF Icon 89.43 KB
CHAPTER X Notice of Proceeding to Advocate-General PDF Icon 5.38 KB
CHAPTER XI Notice in Peremptory Order Cases and Cases of Non-Prosecution PDF Icon 5.6 KB
CHAPTER XII Preparation of Paper Books PDF Icon 170.35 KB
CHAPTER XIII Judgment and Decree PDF Icon 13.99 KB
CHAPTER XIV Probate and Letters of Administration PDF Icon 85.73 KB
CHAPTER XV Applications under Article 226, 227 and 228 of the Constitution and Rules for the issue of writs under the said Articles (except the writs in the nature of Habeas Corpus PDF Icon 234.74 KB
CHAPTER XVI Rules to Regulate Proceedings under Article 226 of the Constitution of India for issue of writs in the nature of Habeas Corpus PDF Icon 52.29 KB
CHAPTER XVII Rules to Regulate Contempt Proceedings PDF Icon 160.08 KB
CHAPTER XVIII Procedure in Criminal Cases PDF Icon 151.54 KB
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Chapter Name Heading View/Download
CHAPTER XX Fees and Costs PDF Icon 139.21 KB
PART -V (Miscellaneous)
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CHAPTER XXI Information and Copies PDF Icon 162.56 KB
CHAPTER XXII Deposit and Repayment of Money PDF Icon 113.18 KB
CHAPTER XXIII Inspection of Records and Registers PDF Icon 62.46 KB
CHAPTER XXIV Facilities to be given to Press Reporters PDF Icon 6.75 KB
CHAPTER XXV Preservation and Destruction of Civil and Criminal Records PDF Icon 106.82 KB
CHAPTER XXV-A Classification, Preservation, Destrusction of English Correspondence and registers on the Administrative Side PDF Icon 190.49 KB
CHAPTER XXVI Mode of Recording Evidence in Civil Cases PDF Icon 6.02 KB
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CHAPTER XXVII Special Rules PDF Icon 67.98 KB
CHAPTER XXVIII Rules for Execution of Decrees PDF Icon 61.29 KB