Former Judge

Former Chief Justices, Orissa High Court

Hon'ble Mr. Justice Birendra Chandra Das

  • Date of Birth 17-01-1910
  • Educational Qualification B.A.(Hons.), Barrister
  • Date of Appointment 31-08-1970
Born on 17th January 1910 in a family closely associated with the Judiciary. Hon’ble Justice Das had his early education in Peary Mohan Academy, Cuttack, Ravenshaw College, Cuttack and Patna College, Patna, wherefrom he received his Honours Degree in Bachelor of Arts. Shri Das was educated in Law in the Inns of Court, Law Temple and was called to the bar as a Barrister from Hon’ble Society of Middle Temple. While in London Shri Das also had his B.A. (Hons.) Degree from UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, London.

After some experience in the Bar being enrolled as an Advocate in the Patna High Court in February, 1935, Shri Das was recruited to the Superior Judicial Service in the year 1949. While in the Superior Judicial Service, Shri Das had the varied experience of being a District Judge, Legal Remembrancer, Deputy Secretary and also Secretary of Law Department.

He served as the Judge of Orissa High Court from 31.8.1970 - 2.8.1972.