Former Judge

Former Chief Justices, Orissa High Court

Hon'ble Mr. Justice Bijay Kishore Ray

  • Date of Birth 01-07-1917
  • Educational Qualification M.A., Law
  • Date of Appointment 03-01-1972

Born on 1-7-1917 and had a brilliant academic career having passed the M.A. Degree in 1941 and the Law degree in 1944.

Shri Ray joined the profession in 1946 to be enrolled as an Advocate in the year 1949 in the roll of Orissa High Court. During his professional career Shri Ray was a Lecturer of Madhusudan Law College for six years from 1956 to 1962 where he had built up reputation as a teacher.

He served as the Judge of Orissa High Court from 3.1.1972 - 30.6.1979.