Former Judge

Former Chief Justices, Orissa High Court

Hon'ble Mr. Justice Bala Krushna Patra

  • Date of Birth 15-06-1912
  • Educational Qualification B.A., Bachelor in Law
  • Date of Appointment 03-04-1968
Born on 15-6-1912 at Jeypore in Koraput Distict, Sri Patra in course of time passed his law degree in 1932 from madras Law College. He got his B.A. degree being educated in the famous Madras Christian College. Hon’ble Justice Patra had the rare opportunity of having his training under Sir Alladi Krishna Swami Iyer, who was then the Advocate-General of Madras, for being enrolled as an Advocate on the roll of Madras High Court on 22-8-1933.

Hon’ble Justice Patra’s name will always be remembered when the Separation of Judiciary in the State in thought of. He organized the Scheme of Separation as the Special Officer and he was in direct touch of the same till it was completed.

He served as the Judge of Orissa High Court from 3.4.1968 - 14.6.1974.